DIOR Homme Sport – Video and photoshoot



HK Corp and Dior are collaborating in yet another promotional film and photoshoot for Dior Homme Sport’s new perfume: Very Cool Spray.


For this film, HK Corp focuses on the brand’s urban and masculine identity ​​through scenes shot on the streets of New York. The new perfume packaging is displayed in black and white film, combining simplicity, dynamism and refinement.


Throughout the film, we discover the subtle essence and refreshing new ways to wear fragrance. Dior Homme Sport is decked out in an elegant, unbreakable new-generation bottle you can take anywhere.


With daring, dynamic editing and aesthetic images that reflect masculine spirit and the energy of the fast-pace city, the Very Cool Spray film encourages free and uninhibited fragrance application at any time of day, breaking all perfume clichés.

The soundtrack “Tribe” by Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III makes you feel the urban vibes blended with distinct masculinity as well as the ease of use and portability.










Discover the new Dior Homme Sport’s film by HK Corp.