Making Of 360 – Casseurs Flowters – Inachevés

Et si on vous faisait découvrir l’envers du décor et les coulisses de la réalisation de la dernière vidéo des Casseurs Flowters ? Inachevés, interprété par Orelsan et Gringe, et extrait de l’album du film Comment c’est loin, fait l’unanimité auprès du public et des critiques. Read more

Gringe ‘Le Mal Est Fait’ by Greg & Lio

A l’occasion de la sortie du clip de Gringe, pour son premier morceau solo « Le Mal Est Fait », réalisé par le duo Greg & Lio et produit par HKCORP, nous avons recueilli les confidences et les révélations de l’artiste et des deux talentueux réalisateurs à l’origine de ce clip, à l’univers fantastique et onirique. On vous en dit un peu plus. Read more


Julien Hosmalin director interview : “The clip of the last music of Jabberwocky, in collaboration with OwlleIGNITION, describes a love affair, thought and built in three stages : the desire, passion and destruction.

In this story, a young woman is under the influence of a man who uses his power on her. Asphyxiated by this, she tries to find a way out from this destroying relationship. But, it inevitably leads them towards a painful end.
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ERISTOFF Edition 2015 – Jim Phillips, Travie MCCoy, Nairone

HK CORP imagined the launch of the Wolf Pack Edition 2015/2016 by Eristoff. A combination of street-art, illustration & music. From Paris to New York City & Santa Cruz – California, the director Valentin Petit followed the creative process that gave birth to the Wolf Pack Edition bottles. #WPE2015 Read more

ABD AL MALIK feat Laurent GARNIER, triptyque de Romain C

Kinect CGI system

Romain Cieutat director interview : “L’idée de ce triptyque visuel est d’illustrer cette collaboration surprenante entre Abd Al Malik et Laurent Garnier.

Ces 3 sons innovants surprennent par leur construction. ( Paroles, Rythmique, mélodie). Il y a un côté expérimental dans cette musique inclassable que j’ai essayé de retranscrire visuellement. Pour ce faire, j’ai essayé de réfléchir à un tryptique visuel en utilisant des technologies nouvelles.
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BALOJI – CAPTURE form 64 Bits and Malachite record

Capture is the result of the collaborative efforts of Baloji and talented singers Petite Noire and Muanza. The song is featured on Baloji’s forthcoming album, 64 Bits and Malachite, which is slated for release in October.

The clip, directed by the rapper himself in collaboration with HK Corp, was shot in Kinshasa in DRC, Baloji’s country of birth.

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La saga des clips du premier album de Black M, Les Yeux plus gros que le monde, sont le fruit de la collaboration de l’artiste avec le réalisateur Tony T. DATIS
Black M – C’est Tout Moi; On Se Fait Du Mal; Mme Pavoshko; La Légende Black; Sur ma route.
Production : HK Corp France
Directed by Tony T
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Zach King Buzzman Head&shoulders – News

Zack King’s successful Vine videos inspired Buzzman for this Head & Shoulders Arabia project. The film was directed by Amin Dora and shot in Istanbul within a triplex artists loft. The « Ready to face a million » campaign garnered over 13 million views.

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HK Corp US and French group 1995 first collaborated in 2013. The clip, Bla Bla Bla, which was set in Los Angeles, was directed by DVNL. In 2015, two members of 1995 looked back to HK Corp for assistance in the launching videos for their two separate solo albums.

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FFF Feminin – Volkswagen – DDB agency

During the 2015 Women’s World Cup, two creative minds from DDB agency, Mathier Lepoutre et Alice Labau, wanted to present a accurate picture of women’s football/soccer. The agency trusted the director Romain Julien who was only given 10 minutes with each FFF player (Laura Goerges, Wendie Renard, Marie- Laure Delie, Louisa Necib, Eugénie Le Sommer, Laure Boulleau) to create this spot.

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HKCorp collaborated with No Site on Garnier Fructis’ brand content strategy. During a few months, the youtuber and ambassador Andy and the creative hairdresser Olivier Lebrun regularly invite volunteers for look and hairstyle advices. The result: a trendy web-series called “Ose ton #hairfie” and followed by hundreds of thousands of cybernautes (285 000 per video on average).

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Under the supervision of Buzzman, ​Sylvain Bressollette directed this film at Beaugrenelle’s mall in Paris with live video editing. The idea: one enters a photobooth to take a passport photograph and discovers someone else is posing with him/her on the printed picture. This video went viral and was seen buy almost 900,000 people.

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IRMA – Video projection superbien

Xavier Maingon et Marc-Antoine Helard réalisent le nouveau clip de Irma. Une chorégraphie millémétrée sur des projections designées et projectées par l’équipe de Superbien. Un plan séquence one shot délivre la force et l’émotion de la chanson Save Me.
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Malboro offers to live a unique 3D sound experience and recreates the race sensations in complete 360 immersion thanks the oculus rift. Buzzman chose Julien Widmer as director and Kouz Production as sound specialist for this spot set during 2 nights in a 20 000m2 warehouse, with a 1 500m neon path. Gilles Conseil supervised the stunts.

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Marlboro launched its new packaging Black Helmet in collaboration with Priminfarina (Ferrari) at the Doha Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Buzzman offers a premium experience thanks to the Black Helmet application and its two synchronized videos. Those films were entirely shot before green screens with photo-realism décors. Three days of filming in Georgia and 50 actors were necessary.

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This making-off shows the creation process of the Eristoff Limited Edition Bottle that HKCorp supervised. The brand asked Oxmo Puccino and Mambo, two French artists, to participate in this creation. After a launch party, attended by Oxmo Puccino, Birdy Nam Nam and 1995, that took place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, 200 000 bottles from this edition were sold. The making-off was accessible thanks to a QR code located on each bottle and online.

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Elsa Blayau directed this case study for Publicis-Moxie. The concept: someone of influence posts a picture online, the brand instantly gets it and incorporates it in a film shoot in an art gallery in LA. This film presents those pictures as art works, examined by bystanders. In the end, the author of the picture receives the film.

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