NINA RICCI – A Christmas night in Paris

After dedicating six months to design, construction, filming and post production,  1000 hours of building, 500 000 square centimeters of paper, we are proud to introduce to you the NINA RICCI – A Christmas night in Paris

In a world made entirely of various and contrasting papery, a magical powder illuminates the city of lights, making the three flagship perfume brands sparkle and flicker. Offering an entrancing journey, you will be guided through the wondrous streets of Paris, ultimately allowing you to discover the unique fragrances by Nina Ricci. The end result is an enchanted world, with a feeling that uniquely heralds the holiday season.

 Film : Nina Ricci , A Christmas Night in Paris



Production / HKCorp

Producteur / Franck Bailleul
Directrice de prod / Hortense Boyer

Production Exécutive / Studio Kippik

Réalisation / Anaëlle Moreau & Thomas Poulain

Chef Opérateur / Simon Gesrel
Electro / Philippe Baranzini
Chef Décorateur / Romain Mouscadet
Décorateurs / Marie Merigot, Kenjy Bourgeois

Post-production / Studio Kippik

Superviseur Post-Production & 3D / Nicolas Fuminier
Retouche & Rotoscopie / Benjamin BARBELET

Etalonnage / NightShift

Prod / Nayla Camus Perron
Etalonneur / Gabriel Porier


Compositeur / Maël Oudin
Violons / Philippe Chardon & Raphaël Coqblin
Alto / Olivier Marin
Violoncelle / Myrtille Hetzel

Making of / HKCorp

Caméra / Andy Wijckelsma

Manuel CAM / Jean Louis Padis, Parnascopy / Matthias Fernadez, Julien Jourdain de Muizon



A christmas night in Paris – behind the scene :

To extend the Christmas magical atmosphere, we want to share with you the wonder behind the production of this video and reveal the secrets of this magical creation. You will discover the meticulous and exceptional work of the artists in charge of this enchanting project.